Live Art Competition

Lartco is a platform for designers in design competitions where a room is created for each design as soon as it is requested by the client between maximum (8 designers) designed on a live broadcast throughout the work cycle.

A client have more choices and pursue work ,designers can ascend, compete, learn and profit once he’s involved.


Lartco is a platform for freelancers designers, but not as you know.
It‘s all about competition!
and get the client the best design he may get.
For client, you just have to request a design, fill it‘s information and wait for your competitors to join, you can watch them while they‘re working, and now you can get your perfect deign.
For designers, you just have to signup and join the competition that fits your skills, join with mainly 4 other designers, start designing and gain your money by the way you want.

With simple steps, start your design.


Fill the design information

Design type - Content - Logo or Pics


Put your suitable price

Starting from 10$


Start your own competition

Between more than 4 designers

Enjoy watching the contestant's screen and choose the best for you among them, send your modifications to the designer and receive your design as soon as you want.


Design is an area that is constantly being developed and is increasingly needed day by day, and because, like other areas, it faces many problems that have led many clients to make their own designs through design sites and also into designers’ platforms. Today, sites such as Fiverr captured 14 million users and Upwork accounted for 12 million!

There, those wishing to obtain a specific design for publications, social media, logos or commercial identities for companies, book covers, etc., meet there. With designers all over the world, it has become easier and cheaper to get help from designers online than for the client to turn to an advertising company or a local designer.

-One of the problems that clients face is to ensure the quality of the sometimes unsatisfactory final work. If you want to get the best result, you must try and pay a lot of money

-As well as the element of time that threatens any design process for the difference caused by the designer's mood condition and external factors affecting it.

-As for the designer himself, the process is often boring because of the boring repetition of the usual designs and the occasional collision with the client ' s thinking as well as the material opposite.

-Finally, he lacks the incentives that are the basis of the designer's work, where he is given ideas and freeing creativity.

– Now we’ve gathered most of the strengths and provided creative solutions to the problems caused by other design platforms, FiverUpwork and we’ve also added catalysts to both sides in the form of website that combines the client and designers in a new way, that changes the effectiveness of the design process by at least 40% within two years.

A website for design competitions that competes between 4:8 designers in an average hour and a quarter per design.

Learn from the comments and experience of competitors. Share your finest designs with the world, reap your global assessment, and receive your money in the appropriate way for you.

If you are tired of looking for a job and the return isn’t right? Lartco, pick the design you want whenever you want. and join the competition as soon as you sign up.

A monthly salary of 30,00LE  travel, go ahead and free your thoughts. Take a part in a design competition with over 4 designers on a live broadcast. 

Work from home or out without strings, win by the hour, and once you’re in.

We have presented to you the aspects of the project on the part of users and designers, but we have not yet presented to you the rules of success and distinction for the project.


Electronic platforms are the most profitable of all, with an increase in the number of users and visitors to the site and a profit from every exchange or purchase of a web-based service.


According to the feasibility study, the site reaches zero after one year, that is, the recovery of capital only six months after the launch.


A very appropriate price for the client to reach a guaranteed result, we have devised an integrated system whose main objective is to achieve the highest possible win-win rate and benefit for all parties.


In the event of a failure to win, the designer will receive a sum of money in the form of points that can be replaced by services or converted into funds, provided that at least 3 out of 10 stars are evaluated and that the competition is completed by the end of time, without a maximum number of competitions. The larger amount of the design share selected from the operation is within hours of completion. – The working hour for the winning design is valued at £100 in the middle so that the designer can achieve up to $2,000 per month.


The designer can now participate whenever he or she wishes in any offer as long as there are still vacant spaces with a maximum of 12 contestants and a minimum of 6 contestants – automatically without any approvals or obstacles.


The client will certainly be more satisfied with receiving approximately eight designs each time than eight different designers. His unmatched pleasure in watching the competition for a moment with the advantage of taking pictures from competing screens as well as other characteristics and features.
– Provide speed and time where the client can receive in one hour.
– While retaining the right to apply for an amendment not once, but twice.


The project is considered to have little annual expenditure compared to annual income. Moreover, the probability of non-success or risk is very low.


A platform that offers a special service, even in its sources of income, besides profit from all operations on the site,
The promotion of competitions on channels such as YouTube or on our platform is also a significant source of income and is one of the best means of advertising the platform.


The investment return on the platform reaches more than 1000 percent in five years.




Have an entirely innovative electronic platform that makes a profit every minute.

An electronic platform that targets the whole world, we don't stop.

Depends on the provision of secure global means and techniques for financial transactions.

An investment characterized by a doubling of income each year and a low risk ratio.

Project start-up time is 6 months for launch of the website and the electronic application.

Going to zero point after about six months from lunching 

By the end of the second year of the project, we expect a net gain (capital) of 6 million pounds, roughly 9 times the value of capital.

Start point
12 Monthes
24 monthes
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years

By the third year, it is expected that a decline in the annual output will occur for a number of reasons:


The development of the platform, which is a necessary stage for adaptation and absorption of the growing number of users, the loss of users and some time has been wasted to get used to the updates.


Other competing platforms are expected to emerge and will often be based on our own ideas.


It is also expected that some users who tend only to experiment with each new one will withdraw.

The fourth year and the fifth year are the perfect time to harvest. According to the feasibility study, we expect a net profit output of 30 million Egyptian pounds per year.